Rental Rumble

Created by Late Fee Games

Indie board game celebrating video rental stores and movies from the 80s and 90s. Be the first to rent, watch, and return 3 VHS movies before your opponents. Watch out for late fees and always be kind and rewind. Comes in a retro VHS box! 📼

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Celebrity Challenge #2: Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes
5 months ago – Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 08:46:09 PM

Our next Celebrity Challenge is aimed at Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes who play Jay & Silent Bob from films such as CLERKS and MALLRATS. 

Just click the link below the minute you read this, and send the auto-populated tweet we made just for you. It's that simple!

Tweet Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes right now!

If they share, we make a card inspired by Jay & Silent Bob in the final version of Rental Rumble.

And thanks to all who tweeted at Macaulay Culkin so far! He hasn't shared yet, but it's never too late! Tweet him now if you haven't yet, or again if you're feeling bold.

Tweet Macaulay Culkin right now!

Each and every tweet helps, thanks y'all.

📼 Jason Furie & Josh Herbolsheimer

LIVE Interview Tonight w/ Be Bold Games at 6pm PST!
5 months ago – Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 05:28:57 PM

Hey friends!

I'll be doing a LIVE interview with Be Bold Games via the Tabletop Backer Party facebook group starting at 6pm PST tonight! That's less than an hour from now! 

Be sure to tune in and learn more about Late Fee Games and Rental Rumble. We'll be talking about video rental stores, retro movies from the 80s and 90s, and what it's like running our very first Kickstarter campaign for a tabletop board game. 

Head over to BE BOLD GAMES and TABLETOP BACKER PARTY on Facebook to check it out! Tune in and say hi in the comments!

Jason Furie

Let's all Tweet Macaulay Culkin at the same time!
5 months ago – Tue, Sep 24, 2019 at 05:39:49 PM


Here’s the plan! We’re ALL going to Tweet Macaulay Culkin at the exact same time TODAY - TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24th at 12:00PM PST. If you're reading this late, no worries, just do it right now! Every tweet helps.

Our hope is to get him to share Rental Rumble, and if he does, we'll make a card featuring his iconic role as Kevin McCallister from Home Alone. A special bonus will be added to your Kickstarter order if he retweets your tweet!

We've made it super easy for you. Just copy ALL the content below as is, paste it in a tweet, and send!

Hey @IncredibleCulk! Retweet this post and @latefeegames will make a card featuring Kevin McCallister from #HomeAlone in their retro board game #RentalRumble!

📼 Jason Furie & Josh Herbolsheimer

Celebrity Challenge #1 - Macaulay Culkin
5 months ago – Sun, Sep 22, 2019 at 01:39:21 AM

There's no denying Macaulay Culkin helped define the late 80s and early 90s with hits such as UNCLE BUCK, HOME ALONE, and MY GIRL! We think a card inspired by his iconic HOME ALONE scream would be perfect for RENTAL RUMBLE. 

The Challenge - If we can get Macaulay Culkin to share the Kickstarter page for RENTAL RUMBLE on social media, we will make a card inspired by his iconic HOME ALONE scream! All he has to do is make a post, re-post one of our posts, and/or post to a story sharing the RENTAL RUMBLE Kickstarter page.

How You can help - Below I've provided Macaulay Culkin's social media info, and the posts we've already shared for inspiration. Be sure to tag us @latefeegames when you post!

Macaulay Culkin on Social Media:

Facebook: @bunnyearsdotcom 

Twitter: @IncredibleCulk + @BunnyEarsWeb

Instagram: @culkamania + @BunnyEarsPodcast

Here's what we posted, feel free to copy. Be sure to tag us at @latefeegames when you do this!

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

If we ALL do this ASAP, we may actually have a chance! We're stronger together! We've also added a NEW "Celebrity Challenges" section on the main project page. Who do YOU want to see in these challenges? Comment below!

-Jason Furie & Joshua Herbolsheimer

For Instagram:

Whoa. Fully Funded!
5 months ago – Thu, Sep 19, 2019 at 05:43:51 PM

Rental Rumble will be in your hands in 2020! You and 263 others made this possible. It means the world to us that you decided to support us during this first week and a half.

That said, we still have 24 days left to spread the word about Rental Rumble. Please share this Kickstarter page with anyone you think would dig it! If nothing else, just share it with that one friend who gives the best movie recommendations!

As a little spoiler, we have a fun "celebrity challenge" update coming soon that we think you'll love. Especially if you are home alone. You don't want to miss this.

Thanks again, and we're excited to move towards our first stretch goal at $12k which will upgrade your VHS Tokens into full 3D sculpted pieces. Stay tuned.

Jason Furie & Joshua Herbolsheimer