Rental Rumble

Created by Late Fee Games

Indie board game celebrating video rental stores and movies from the 80s and 90s. Be the first to rent, watch, and return 3 VHS movies before your opponents. Watch out for late fees and always be kind and rewind. Comes in a retro VHS box! 📼

Latest Updates from Our Project:

SURPRISE! Pizza Pinz is live right now!
26 days ago – Wed, Jun 01, 2022 at 07:10:24 AM

What's this!? A kinda super secret crowdfunding campaign just launched!

Pizza Pinz — Deluxe pizza-themed enamel pins packaged in a mini pizza box.

There have been so many manufacturing delays with Rental Rumble over the past few months that I was quietly designing a new crowdfunding project I've always wanted to do. 

This was kind of self-therapy in a way. It's allowed me to focus on something creative while I waited on manufacturing hassles that were out of my control AND it's a way for me to deliver something to you MUCH FASTER.

These pizza pins are already designed and ready to get to production. I just need to raise the funds to get them made. So here we go! I hope you enjoy this surprise.



Jason Furie

PLEASE READ: Two Missing Cards + 1999 Expansion is in the Box!
about 1 month ago – Thu, May 12, 2022 at 11:38:56 PM

As we mentioned in our last update, we have shipped out 100% of the orders that completed their BackerKit survey! We are so very happy to get Rental Rumble to your table.

That said, there are a few important things to note:

  • It appears each game is missing 2 of the red cards in the main deck "The Big Lebowski" and "Men in Black" themed cards. This was a manufacturing error and we already have a plan in action to get those cards to you. We found a printer in the USA that can match the size and card stock. We are having them printed right now. Once I get those, I'll send them out in envelopes to all. Totally our bad. The good news is, they are not required to play. But you will get them soon.

  •  The 1999 Expansion is packed INSIDE YOUR TUCK BOX INSIDE YOUR COPY OF RENTAL RUMBLE. Again, this was a miscommunication with the manufacturer. They are indeed in there, just hidden in the box and not a separate item outside of the box. It's 8 yellow themed cards featuring hits from 1999. PLEASE LOOK INSIDE THE TUCK BOX.

  •  It appears 2 or 3 of you didn't receive your 4x Player Cards (Membership Cards). These ARE required to play. If you did not receive these, I will mail some to you ASAP. Please see below and make sure you have these 4 cards in your box.

If you have other questions or concerns, please email us at:

Besides all that, we hope you think the final game is cool and we hope to hear some reactions to gameplay soon :)

Stay tuned as I'll update everyone when these missing cards get sent out.


Rental Rumble is 100% Shipped!
about 2 months ago – Thu, May 12, 2022 at 08:56:38 PM

Hello everyone! This is the post we've been waiting for!

ALL copies of Rental Rumble have been sorted, packed, and shipped!

Some copies left the warehouse last Friday and the rest shipped out this morning! It even looks like some of you received your copy already! YES!


  • If you ordered the 1999 Expansion Pack, it is packaged inside the main tuck box inside your game. This was not something we instructed the manufacturer to do, but it was the case. If you think you did not get a 1999 Expansion but ordered one. PLEASE LOOK INSIDE THE TUCK BOX.

  • We've been made aware that a few packages that have already been received are missing 2 of the red cards ("The Big Lebowski" and "Men in Black" themed cards). It's looking like this may be the case with EVERY order. It was a manufacturer error and we will sort it all out ASAP.  NOTE: the 2 cards are not required to play if you wanted to still try out the game until your get those other 2 cards.

If you have other questions or concens, please email us at:

Other than the above, we hope all is well. And we truly hope you enjoy this passion project of ours. It's been a journey and none of it would have happened without you all.

Thanks you!

Jason & Josh

Packing Boxes Friday & Shipping Monday!
about 2 months ago – Wed, May 04, 2022 at 10:50:36 PM

With over 90% of BackerKit surveys complete, we're ready to pack and ship to everyone who completed their survey.

I still have 38 BackerKit surveys that need to be filled out and 5-10 folks had credit card errors. Please double check everything if you think that may be you. And if you never got a survey OR you need to change your address, email me at:

*Please do this before END OF DAY Thursday, May 5th so I can update. I'm printing all the labels Friday Morning.

For everyone else, we're packing all the boxes on Friday, and scheduling a USPS pickup for Monday, May 9th. You should all be getting USPS Tracking Numbers shortly after. Unfortunately USPS does not support Tracking in a few regions when using First Class. You can learn more HERE.

Rental Rumble is on it's way! I hope you find it was worth the wait.

Jason & Josh

Orders locked, charging cards tomorrow
2 months ago – Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 08:52:46 PM

We're almost there folks. We've locked all the orders that completed their survey and will be charging cards tomorrow April 15th between 9 AM and 10 AM PST. Once that step is complete, we will be planning a pack and ship party to get all the orders out the door as soon as possible. As of now it's looking like we will start sending out orders in late April into early May. That's soon!

I'll be sure to take pics of the pack and ship day and let ya'll now when Rental Rumble as left the building. Very excited to be posting this update!

We still have 49 Kickstarter backers that need to complete their BackerKit Survey. PLEASE fill that out ASAP. If you're reading this now and haven't completed your survey yet, please do so now and I may be able to include it in this first wave of shipments. Otherwise you'll have to wait until mid/late May for another wave to go out. 

And if you think you never received a BackerKit survey, please email me at and I will help get one to you.